Despite the public being able to access an existing IIP/leaky gut test (traditionally used as a research tool), there remains poor uptake of the test.

Cuong Tran, Megan Rebuli, Sinead Golley, Simon Barry and Dep Huynh

Gut Health Co - An alternative to the expensive and cumbersome IIP/leaky gut test.

As well as its cost, it is a six hour test performed at home, making it an undesirable experience for users.

GutHealthCo. have developed a timed blood test which can be done at a clinic in 90 minutes. Its cost to delivery is also lower.

Our diagnostic test will be paired with a subsequent simple dietary plan to repair leaky gut, improve health and enhance quality of life.

Lead Institute

CSIRO Health & Biosecurity

Team members

Cuong Tran
Megan Rebuli
Sinead Golley
Simon Barry
Dep Huynh

GutHealthCo - Good health begins in the gut

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