Our Prawn pathogen technology is one-of-a-kind.

Melony Sellars, Jeff Cowley and Peter Blunt

All-in-one shrimp (prawn) pathogen detection system - A new pest detection system that cuts costs and time delays for Aussie prawn farmers.

It diagnoses 13 commercially relevant pathogens of prawns (plus known genetic variants) in one assessment, drastically reducing testing costs, turnaround times and increasing the use of pathogen diagnostics in everyday management decisions in prawn farming.

Our technology is unique in its ability to detect multiple pathogens simultaneously in a highly specific, sensitive and semi-quantitative manner that is equivalent to and in many cases superior to current single pathogen detection systems used globally.

This technology for the first time, will enable farmers to make informed management decisions, due to its affordability and quick results.

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Melony Sellars
Jeff Cowley
Peter Blunt

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