Currently, small wind turbines are under-represented in the renewable energy market as people often perceive that it is cheaper and easier to install photovoltaic solar panels if they wish to go 'off-grid' or to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

Joss Kesby, Sam Evans and James Bradley

Diffuse Wind Energy - Small in size, big on green energy impacts.

Traditionally, small wind turbines have had a significantly lower efficiency than their large-scale counterparts, increasing their levelised cost of energy.

Diffuse Energy's product is a small wind turbine that, through being enclosed within a diffuser, can produce nearly twice the power output of existing wind turbines of the same size.

Their additional diffuser also makes their turbine safer and quieter than existing turbines, both of which are key considerations for potential customers.

Lead Institute

The University of Newcastle

Team members

Joss Kesby
Sam Evans
James Bradley

Diffuse Energy - Solving big problems with compact technology

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