Fruit fly are the number one biosecurity issue in fruit & vegetable production. Globally US$30b worth of fruit and vegetable production is lost due to fruit fly, and US$18b in global trade is threatened by the pest. Millions of fruit fly traps across the globe are checked manually, causing delay and risking outbreaks. This can close markets!

RapidAIM is a new era in biosecurity. We provide a service of real-time alerts for the presence and location of fruit fly using wireless trapping technology. This immediate data-driven decision service allows biosecurity agencies, growers and agronomists to respond rapidly to fruit fly detection to control the pest.

This allows for targeted workflow, the protection of existing markets and supports the development of new trading opportunities.

Dr Peter Kambouris, Mr Darren Moore, Dr Paul De Barro, Ms Laura Jones.


  • Dr Nancy Schellhorn: Agro-ecologist and entomologist with domain knowledge in integrated pest management and fruit fly monitoring.
  • Mr Darren Moore: Electronics engineer with a background in environmental monitoring systems, software and prototype development.
  • Ms Laura Jones: Research technician with a background in insect behaviour and prototype development.
  • Dr Ryan McAllister : Economist with expertise in biosecurity policy.
  • Dr Peter Kambouris : Commercialisation and business development lead with a science background in manufacturing technologies.
  • Dr Paul De Barro: Biosecurity risk evaluation and preparedness lead, with expertise in market access, biosecurity regulations and process.

[Music plays and text appears: ON powered by CSIRO]

[Image appears of Nancy Schellhorn talking to the camera and text appears: Nancy Schellhorn, Team RapidAIM]

Nancy Schellhorn: I am Nancy Schellhorn from RapidAIM.

[Images flash through of a Smartphone real time alert display, a female talking to a male and Nancy Schellhorn talking to the camera]

We provide a real time alert of the presence of fruit fly and this allows growers to respond rapidly and prevent an outbreak. 

[Text appears: #ONpitch]

[Images move through of a rear view of Nancy Schellhorn talking to the audience, the audience and a close up rear view of Nancy Schellhorn]

With RapidAIM nextgen technology we can start to address the $10 billion a year market. 

[Images move through of a facing view and a side view of Nancy Schellhorn talking, a rear view of Nancy Schellhorn talking to the audience, a facing view of Nancy Schellhorn talking to the camera, two Smartphones displaying RapidAIM, Nancy Schellhorn talking to a male and Nancy Schellhorn talking to the camera]

We decided to apply for the ON programme because we started to hear more about it and learn more about it and it looked kind of interesting but we really weren’t sure if it had any meaning for our science but we thought let’s give it a go and it’s been an absolutely fantastic experience. 

[Images move through of a rear view of Nancy Schellhorn talking into the microphone, the audience, a rear view of Nancy Schellhorn talking into the microphone and Nancy Schellhorn walking off the stage]

[Clapping sounds can be heard]

Now we are preparing our technology for our field trials in September and in February 2017 we hope to conduct the first commercial trial. 

[Image changes to show a Smartphone RapidAIM screen being operated and Nancy Schellhorn talking to a male]

We have a path to market now whereas before we were really just playing around with some technology and we thought we had a good idea. 

[Image changes to show Nancy Schellhorn talking to the camera]

We actually have a solution to a massive problem.  It’s much more than I could have ever expected.

[Music plays and text appears: The future is ON powered by CSIRO,]

Nancy Schellhorn shares her ON experience

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