Ready-to-eat convenience doesn’t have to result in dissatisfaction and guilt.

By bringing together the latest innovations in food manufacturing, including High Pressure Thermal processing, and an understanding of the nutritional needs of a diverse population, cuisine favourites can be prepared in a convenient format without compromising eating satisfaction or, importantly, nutrition.

Meals by Design develops premium and customisable meal solutions that cater to nutritional and functional needs, offering healthy convenience without compromise.

Meals by Design team picture

Sandra Olivier, Sofia Oiseth and Christopher Su.


Kai Knoerzer – Food Process Engineer with 10+ years’ experience in R&D and commercialisation of innovative processing technologies

Sofia Oiseth – Food Material Scientist with 10+ years’ experience in research of physico-chemical properties of food

Sandra Olivier – Food Microbiologist with 10+ years’ experience in novel process validation and food safety

Christopher Su – Business Development specialist with 10 years’ R&D experience in life science and multidisciplinary networks with diverse stakeholders

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