The world is under increasing pressure to produce more food, and producing more food is contributing to climate change.

Livestock feed supplementation with FutureFeed is the solution. It can improve farm profitability and tackles climate change. FutureFeed can also provide farmers access to other income streams through carbon markets and provide access to premium niche markets through a low carbon footprint and environmentally friendly product.

FutureFeed team picture

Dr Michael Battaglia, Mr Justin Harsdorf, Ms Sara Wedgwood, Dr Ian Watson, Dr Rob Kinley.


  • Dr Rob Kinley, Technology Lead: Specialist in animal nutrition, algal feed supplements with experience in Europe, the Americas and Australasia.
  • Dr Michael Battaglia, CEO: one of Australia’s leaders in agricultural greenhouse gas abatement.
  • Justin Harsdorf, Commercial Lead: extensive commercial and business development in agriculture with contracting experience in excess of 20 countries.
  • Dr Ian Watson, Systems Scientist: 30 years experience in extensive livestock systems.
  • Sara Wedgwood, Commercialisation Manager: Commercialisation Manager with extensive experience in agriculture.

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