Researchers across almost every scientific discipline utilise spectroscopic techniques to interrogate light – probing its intensity as a function of its wavelength. By collecting this information, researchers can probe many physical systems – from the material composition of stars and galaxies and the detection of previously undiscovered exoplanets, to the probing of atomic scale defects in next-generation nanomaterials and even to interact with quantum hardware.

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Our team is building a compact, affordable, and robust ultra high-resolution spectrograph to enable researchers to conduct precision experiments. By using a modified echelle spectrograph design we can achieve broad-spectrum, single exposure imaging with high spectral resolution.

Lead Institute

Macquarie University

Team Members

  • Christian Schwab
  • David Coutts
  • Lachlan Rogers
  • Matt van Breugel
  • Thomas Volz
  • Tobias Feger

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