This round of ON Prime was our biggest ever with over 400 researchers participating in 13 hubs across Australia. Over the last three months, the researchers have been working hard to understand their potential customers and build a roadmap to create impact with their research.

If you're familiar with ON Prime, you'll know that a key part of the program is having customer conversations to discover what problems real-world people have, and whether your research is the right solution. Teams this round teams logged over 5700 customer conversations, which represents a massive effort! It also means there are 5700 new connections between academia and the broader community; congratulations to all graduating teams and thank you for all your hard work!

Another part of ON Prime is that up to three teams from every hub are awarded an ON Facilitator's Prize in recognition of their performance in program; demonstrating their drive, grit and resilience. The award is judged by which teams have best embraced the ON philosophy with a willingness to give the program their all, actively take part in discussions and deeply engage with Facilitators and Mentors. It's always an incredibly tough decision and we want to congratulate all the teams who complete ON Prime.

This round the teams taking out the Facilitator Prizes were:

Hub Facilitator Prizes


Facilitated by Andy Lamb, David Romano and Andy Barley, the awarded teams were Winegrape extracts and TeamPlantago.

Brisbane A

Facilitated by Nick Rakis and Yda Gray, the awarded teams were DNA Drafting, Printomics and ClimateAdapt Crop Technologies.

Brisbane B

Facilitated by Cameron Turner and Andy Lamb, the awarded teams were Pigs can fly and Meat Munchies.


Facilitated by Craig Davis, Irene Zhen, Zak Sequoia and Richard Hume, the awarded teams were meristem, Transformational RNAi technologies and SoilSpec.


Facilitated by David Ireland and Nick Rakis, the awarded teams were LEPH TILES, HealthLit4Kids ON Prime and Bait Expectations.

Melbourne A

Facilitated by Laura Kostanski and Jonathan Lacey, the awarded teams were MR-AI and Full Endurance.

Melbourne B

Facilitated by Jonathan Lacey and Nick Rakis, the awarded teams were Rubberized concrete like traditional concrete and PHRONESIS.


Facilitated by Andy Lamb and Ian Brown, the awarded teams were JCAC and GP Research.

Sydney A

Facilitated by Emily Chang and James Bradley, the awarded teams were FilterPipes, Redback Systems and Vaccines and immune stimulants to treat cancer in dogs and humans.

Sydney B

Facilitated by Laura Kostanski and Adeline Chu, the awarded team was GoKymando.

Sydney C

Facilitated by Jane Cockburn and Brian Dorricott, the awarded teams were Redox Flow Batteries, Novel anti-inflammatory formulation and Hear Here.


Facilitated by Cameron Turner and Yda Gray, the awarded teams were Resource Recovery: Waste to Energy Generation and Allergy diagnosis.


Facilitated by Brian Dorricott and Jane Cockburn, the awarded teams were Emergent neural systems, iRail and Team GOLD (Gerontological Older Leadership Dream).

We also want to say a huge ON thank you to our Facilitators and Mentors – your energy, focus and generosity make it all happen. The program wouldn’t be the same without your expert knowledge, sage advice and professional guidance.

The Wollongong ON Prime Cohort

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