Eleven teams have just completed the second ON Accelerate program powered by CSIRO, and earlier this month pitched and showcased their innovations to a packed room of potential customers, partners and investors at their final Demo night, hosted at Carriageworks in Sydney.

It was an impressive showing, with the teams clearly demonstrating not only the power of the program to help refine their ideas and product-market fit, but the growth of their own entrepreneurial capacity.

Accelerator 2 demo night held at Carriageworks, Sydney.

So just who are these great teams that you should be keeping your eyes on?

  • RapidAIM – A service of real-time alerts for the presence and location of fruit fly using wireless trapping technology
  • Hovermap – An unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) with advanced collision avoidance, non-GPS flight and accurate 3D mapping capabilities to safeguard critical infrastructure
  • Modular Photonics – Passive fibre-optic compatible technology that significantly increases data transmission capacity (10 times and more) across existing multimode fibre links
  • Suricle – Changing the face of polymers to protect high-value marine sensors from biofouling
  • Coviu – A frictionless and easy-to-use alternative to traditional video conferencing that allows experts to connect with and charge clients through a browser – one click, no software installations or complicated set-up
  • Meals by Design - Premium and customisable meal solutions that cater to nutritional and functional needs, offering healthy convenience without compromise
  • ePAT – Real-time pain assessment through facial recognition technology, for patients that cannot verbally communicate
  • FutureFeed - A natural feed additive from seaweed that dramatically reduces livestock methane and increases production
  • ExByte – A predictive data analytics service for the preventative maintenance of infrastructure assets including water pipes
  • Elumin8 – A service bringing home energy use to life, making it personable and interactive
  • Reflexivity - A sophisticated data analytics engine that translates community survey data into prioritised opportunities for trust building and risk mitigation strategies

If you'd like to hear more about each of these teams, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at on@csiro.au

Want to see your team's name up in lights? Applications for ON Prime , a pre-accelerator powered by CSIRO are now open!

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