Edison and his associates were able to work collaboratively from 1876 until 1882 in a purpose built facility that helped power their creativity and inventions to new levels.

Modern day accelerators emerged in 2005 in the United States with the launch of Y-Combinator, followed closely by Techstars a year later. These accelerators continue to have a simple premise - teams are given a small amount of money in return for some equity in their company, and in return they are given office space and mentoring from industry leaders. After a dedicated time period, the teams display their work, in the hope of attracting investment and eventually succeeding as a company.

The ON accelerator, powered by CSIRO, shares some similarities with these accelerators. ON’s ultimate aim is to create tangible results for its teams through structured mentors. However, ultimately, it shares a unique vision. ON aims to help scientists turn their ideas and research into something that could help shape the future of Australia and the world.

Powered by CSIRO

ON is unique in Australia as the only national accelerator focused on complex science and technology propositions, unlike other accelerators that have a narrower commercial focus. ON combines the strength of researchers from science and technology with industry leaders and mentors to create projects that have the capability to change the way we live our lives. It is an exciting prospect, connecting the best talent from the laboratory and the commercial world, and bringing them together to create life changing projects.

“I’d describe the ON program as an epic experience.”

— Dr Yolanda Surjan, University of Newcastle

Tangible outcomes

The aim for any accelerator is to have a tangible outcome at the end of the process and ON is no different. However, where ON differs is that it facilitates projects that solve some of the world’s largest problems, whether that is in healthcare, defence or telecommunications to give a few examples.

With the focus on supporting projects that can help improve lives in Australia and beyond, unlike other accelerators, ON does not take equity or IP in exchange for funding that teams are allocated when they are selected onto the program.

“I think ON is a really important way to learn what customers need from scientists.”

— Brenda Lin, CSIRO

Dedicated support

When researchers and industry professionals work together, there is always the potential for outstanding outcomes that could change the game forever in Australia.

Taking ideas from the laboratory to the outside world can be a challenge without specific expertise, experience, business knowledge and the right connections. To address this, ON works to match each of our teams with a dedicated mentor who understands the challenges and complexities of bringing an idea to market. It is important to have experts who understand exactly how to get team projects into the commercial market. Our hands-on mentors are available to help guide our teams in the 12 weeks leading up to their demo day, to give their project the best chance of success.

“The ON program has been amazing for us, it’s given us the tools we need and the confidence to take our research and product to market.”

— Dr James Rabeau, Macquarie University

A clear path

We are currently welcoming applications for the fourth cohort of ON Accelerate in October, and we never fail to be impressed by the high quality of our applicants. After each program, there is a larger list of alumni teams and mentors committed to creating a more innovative Australia. The work of the previous cohort serves as an inspiration for the incoming teams.

A team’s association with ON does not finish at the end of 12 weeks; we have an established network to help collaborate and commercialise projects that can create the greatest impact possible. Once a team joins ON, there are joining a unique group of people focused on a brighter future for Australia.

If you’re apart of a research team working on a big idea that could shape the future for Australia, enter an application into ON Accelerate 4 now .

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