Welcome back for the second instalment of our two-part application tip blog series! Miss part one? See: How to write a winning application.

Woman writing an application

ON Accelerate applications open until 28 September, 2018.

Here we go!


  • Involve your whole team, rather than just have one person write it. Everyone on your team will see the opportunity from a different perspective and the best applications find a way to integrate these perspectives together. – David Burt, ON Enterprise Manager
  • Sit down as a group/team to fill out the application. Two heads are better than one and three are better than two. Discussing your responses often brings about clearer terminology and phrasing.  – Joss Kesby, ON graduate (Diffuse Energy)
  • Socialise your idea and contact David Burt to discuss your thoughts and application. Have you got the right team and the right team dynamics (technical, marketing and sales, product R&D to a scalable product, product manager)? If you have an external participant, do they bring the skills you need and will they fit the evolution of the opportunity? – Melony Sellars, ON graduate (Genics)
  • Ask someone you know who has commercial experience for help by providing feedback on your draft application. – David Burt, ON Enterprise Manager
  • You’re not alone! Get in touch with the Technology Transfer Office (since you’ll have to as part of your application anyway), as they may be able to support in writing your application. – Karen Li, ON Prime Manager
  • Find a team that’s done ON Accelerate before and ask them to read your draft application and provide feedback. – David Burt, ON Enterprise Manager
  • If you are from CSIRO, mission critical to have a discussion with your Research Director and Team Leader before you start the application. Engage them through the application process and give them plenty of time to review the draft. – Melony Sellars, ON graduate (Genics)

Tell a story

  • Tell a compelling story (preferably about a specific group of people who have a serious problem that you can help them with). – David Burt, ON Enterprise Manager
  • It’s important to demonstrate how your project will accelerate strongly through the program. Sell yourself! Have you drafted an application that persuades ON to back your project? – Josephine Muir, ON graduate (Noisy Guts)

And finally…

  • Get started early! Don’t leave it to the last minute. – David Burt, ON Enterprise Manager
  • Send it out. Send it out now! – Josephine Muir, ON graduate (Noisy Guts)

ON Accelerate applications open until 28 September, 2018.

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