Twenty research teams selected from across the country attended the 2018 ON Accelerate selection Bootcamp in Sydney last week.

From CSIRO, AIMS and ten universities, we welcomed: 

  • Advanced Genetic Diagnostics
  • Basin Futures
  • BeeID
  • CHELTech
  • Condicion
  • Inova Medical
  • IRIS
  • Media Doctor
  • MGA Thermal
  • MiDeX
  • N1 Analytics
  • NanopacFresh
  • PapillArray
  • Parts Per Billion
  • Quantum Geology
  • SeaKit
  • Select-EggZ
  • Senscity
  • VitalTrace
  • What the Doctor Said

Over two intensive days, these 20 teams were challenged to demonstrate why they and their deep technology should be part of the 10 teams selected for ON Accelerate in 2019.

To be selected into ON Accelerate, teams are assessed by a panel of external experts and key members of the ON team. This is a competitive application and interview process before reaching Bootcamp. Then at Bootcamp, teams are assessed against key criteria and demonstrated behaviours during the two days.

We aimed to ensure that Bootcamp offered value and an unforgettable experience for all attendees, regardless of the selection outcome. As well as being asked to measure their customer value proposition, understand financing and team dynamics, attendees were given a masterclass in presence and pitch performance and a toolkit to help them reach their goals.

On the days, as well as teams working on their own propositions, they enjoyed guest presentations from ON Accelerate alumni and the start-up and investor community as well as a fun-filled mentor networking evening, allowing researchers to meet those who can help them make things happen.

At the end of Day two, 20 team representatives took to the stage to showcase their learning and pitch for their spot in the top 10 to a panel of four judges and a supportive crowd from the ON community. All pitchers delivered brilliantly and we were thrilled to see such incredible innovative ideas on display.

Our congratulations to all 20 teams who made it through to Bootcamp. It was a privilege being your hosts and we wish you all the very best.

To our latest Accelerate cohort; welcome ON-board! We can't wait to start working with you in February 2019.

Congratulations to the nine teams who are into the ON Accelerate for 2019!

We look forward to bringing you more about these teams in new year!

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