Bring ON Bootcamp! Our teams announced

Today ON are pleased to announce our teams who have been selected into ON Accelerate4's Bootcamp! 

These 19 teams have been chosen from amongst the country's leading researchers, as they now vie for their position in our top ten. The top ten performing teams at Bootcamp will receive their place in our national sci-tech accelerator, as members of ON Accelerate4 in 2018. We are so pleased to see the quality of the 'big ideas' from all over Australia and can't wait to share your ON journey. Once the final 10 teams are selected, we will share their big ideas and team photos right here.

Congratulations to all of our successful Top Twenty Teams - we can't wait to see what you bring ON at Bootcamp this November.

  • All-in-one shrimp (prawn) pathogen detection system - CSIRO Agriculture & Food
  • Biometric Marketing Research Suite - Curtin University
  • CareGiVR - The University of Newcastle
  • Diffuse Wind Energy - The University of Newcastle
  • Digital Mouth - Data 61 (CSIRO)
  • ECE Curtin - Curtin University
  • eDNA Field Pump - James Cook University
  • Global Initiative for Honey Bee Health - Data 61 (CSIRO)
  • GutHealthCo - CSIRO Health & Biosecurity
  • Horus - CSIRO Energy
  • Hyperdrive - Macquarie University
  • Inflamark-A - The University of Western Australia
  • INTRCPT - The University of Newcastle
  • OurPlace - CSIRO Land & Water
  • The Interplay Project - Charles Darwin University
  • The Noisy Guts Project - The University of Western Australia
  • Uberlink - Australian National University
  • UltrasonicDry - CSIRO Agriculture & Food
  • UQ Boomtown Toolkit - The University of Queensland

Our thanks to all the teams who applied and to your participating institutions.

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