Which ON program is right for me?

ON Prime is a fast-paced, practical learning program to help teams find the real-world fit for their research.

ON Accelerate is our full-time free accelerator program that helps research teams develop high potential innovative ventures or companies.

[Music plays and a dark blue screen appears with text: It all begins with an idea]


[Animation image shows the glowing circular dot above the “i” in the word idea bouncing off to the left of the screen and down to the bottom and the text scrolls up and off the top of the screen]


[Animation image shows the dot continuing to bounce down the screen and the screen continues to scroll down]


[Animation image eventually shows the dot appearing in an enlarged form in the centre of a dark blue screen]


[Animation image shows the dot continuing down until it hits and fragments the base of the blue screen and then the dot falls through the fragmented base into an area of purple spherical balls]


[The image shows the dot continuing its progress down through the spherical balls and text appears: Individually we are one drop]


[Animation image shows the glowing dot in the middle of the purple spherical balls and then the glow from the dot illuminates the purple spherical balls]


[Animation image shows the glow gradually spreading over the whole area and text appears: Together we are an ocean, // RYUNOSUKE SATORO]


[Animation image shows the illuminated balls turning to glowing white and then erupting back through the surface into the dark blue and forming into large rotating solid blocks and text appears: If I have seen further]


[Camera zooms in on the top of the tallest blocks and text appears: It is by standing on the shoulders of giants, // ISAAC NEWTON]


[Animation image shows the top of the tallest block fragmenting and the image then shows a group of small coloured balls moving towards the top of the tallest block and text appears: Great things in business are never done by one person]


[Camera zooms in on the group of coloured balls and they morph into one large yellow multisided ball surrounded by a ring of smaller coloured balls rotating around it and text appears: They are done by a team of people, // STEVE JOBS]


[Animation image shows the yellow ball moving through the tops of the solid blocks and then the animation image shows a tower like shape erupting from the centre of the blocks]


[Animation image shows the yellow multisided ball coming to rest and then spinning on the top of the tower like structure in the centre of the blocks while small coloured balls can be seen rotating around the blocks in an anticlockwise direction]


[Animation image changes to show a view looking down on the whole structure and the then image shows the yellow multisided ball bouncing off to the top left of the screen]


[Animation image changes to show a minute yellow ball moving around the tallest block and the block eventually changes to a glowing white and text appears: Whatever you can do, or dream you can begin it]


[Camera zooms out to show many such building block structures over the screen and text appears: Boldness has genius, power and magic in it, // GOETHE]


[Camera continues to zoom out until the building block structures morph into a starry night sky and the CSIRO logo and text appears: ON Powered by CSIRO, The Power of Partnerships]



The Power of Partnerships

ON, powered by CSIRO

[Music plays and the ON and CSIRO logos appear and then the image changes to show a male standing at a podium speaking to an audience]


Heather Robson: It’ll blow your mind.


[Camera zooms in on the audience applauding]


It’s even better than you can even imagine.


[Images move through of a large fan, Steve Brodie talking to the camera, people in conversations, a back view of two people walking, a male talking to an audience and the audience applauding and text appears: Steve Brodie, Executive Manager, Innovation, CSIRO]


Steve Brodie: So, ON Accelerate takes the core of your research idea and builds a business model around that to help you move forward to success.


[Images move through of a view looking through the fan at people behind, people in conversations, Sherman Mak talking to the camera and two females in conversation and text appears: Sherman Mak, Mentor]


Sherman Mak: I think one of the biggest changes that I’ve seen in the team is that when they first came out it’s almost like a baby, very shy and so forth. Now they can’t stop talking.


[Images flash through of a female laughing, Jo Hawkins and two males smiling, Jo Hawkins talking to the camera and people wearing and looking at a pair of goggles and text appears: Dr Jo Hawkins, Inflametric]


Dr Jo Hawkins: It’s transformed every aspect of how my team think about our research, our discoveries and how we get those to consumers and into our communities.


[Images flash through of Heather Robson and a male smiling, Heather talking to the camera, Heather talking at the podium and Heather in conversation and text appears: Heather Robson, Grover Scientific]


Heather Robson: Even if you’re afraid, even If you think, “Oh that’s way outside my comfort zone”,


[Music plays and text appears: The future is ON powered by CSIRO]


jump in, it’ll be an amazing ride.





smiling woman seated wearing blue top
Dr Nancy Shellhorn
Former CSIRO scientist. Founder of RapidAim and ON Accelerate graduate.

ʻʻWe entered the ON program thinking we might have an interesting piece of technology. By the time we exited 13 weeks later, we had a pathway to market.ʼʼ

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