The world must double food production by 2050 to feed a global population expected to exceed 9 billion people. It must do this using the same agricultural land area but with minimal to no increase in water, nutrient and agrochemical use.

TranspiratiONal's sprayable biodegradable polymer membrane cuts agricultural plastic pollution and reduces agriculture’s ecological footprint, while helping to meet the requirement of doubling food production by 2050.

The technology behind TranspiratiONal will reduce soil evaporation so that more of the water that farmers have access to passes through the transpiration stream to increase crop yield.

Being biodegradable TranspiratiONal will also remove a major source of pollution associated with current petroleum based non-biodegradable preformed plastics.



Keith L. Bristow: over 30 years’ experience leading tactical, strategic and transdisciplinary research activities in irrigated systems and integrated water resources management.

Philip S. Casey: over 25 years’ experience in the development and commercialisation of materials and manufacturing technologies.

Michael Braunack : over 30 years’ experience in farming systems research in multidisciplinary teams.

Brian Thomas: over 25 years’ experience in finance, commercial and business development roles.

Raju Adhikari: over 20 years’ experience as a serial innovator in polymer technologies for multiple applications including two successful spinoffs involving biomaterials.

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