We change the face of polymers by embedding functional particles into the surface to give them new and useful properties. Our patented technology paves the way for development of many new, innovative materials and products.

An immediate area of application is to protect high-value marine sensors from biofouling. The unwanted growth of marine organisms causes signal attenuation, sensor malfunction, increased weight and unwanted drag due to ocean currents. There are many thousands of marine sensors deployed globally, costing up to $120K each, which require frequent cleaning to keep them in service.

Suricle are focusing on treating adhesive polymer films with antifouling properties for attachment to sensors to mitigate biofouling. Kits containing this film will be sold via our e-commerce store for application in the field by the end-users, offering savings of thousands of dollars per year in reduced maintenance costs.


Ms Simone Tyndall, Dr Peter King, Dr Karen Kozielski, Dr Andrew Poole.

Dr Andrew Poole, Technology Engagement:  Skilled in the interface of materials and biology, Project Leader of CSIRO’s Antifouling Project.

Dr Peter King, Technology Development:  Research scientist focused on materials engineering and Cold Spray Technology.

Dr Karen Kozielski, Commercialisation and Business Development:  Experienced in materials development and science management across a range of industry sectors.

Dr David Lambourne, IP Strategy:  Extensive experience in IP management with qualifications in materials scale-up and fabrication.

Simone Tyndall, Communications and Market Analysis:  IP specialist with experience in research institutions and the private sector, holds a degree in Chemistry.

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