When resources companies lose the trust of the communities they work alongside, conflict occurs. Projects take twice as long to develop as they did a decade ago and cost 30 per cent more than they should because of social conflict. Companies don’t have the tools to systematically understand what their communities think about them, and communities have few constructive ways to feel heard.

Reflexivity has solved this problem by providing our customers with a sophisticated data analytic engine that translates community survey data we collect into prioritised opportunities for trust building and risk mitigation strategies. Our analytics identify those factors that build and degrade trust in a company, in the minds of community members; our customers are then able to invest resources and energy into the issues that matter most. Using mobile technology, our data streams to our customers in real time via a subscription model.

We have engaged over 14,000 community members in eight countries, and generated $1.5m in revenue in the last three years. And while we started in mining, our process is valuable wherever these relationships are important. We are building a service delivery platform to scale up our process and we are seeking support and advice to turn our successful global research program into a successful global business.



Naomi Boughen, Rolf Fandrich, Kieren Moffat, Felipe Mora

Kieren Moffat : Social scientist with deep experience in resources sector.

Naomi Boughen : Social scientist with deep experience in operational management of complex projects.

Rolf Fandrich : Commercial and Business Development, with startup and technology commercialisation experience.

Anna Littleboy: Research Director with deep resources sector experience and networks.

Felipe Mora : Business Improvement specialist with deep Latin American networks and experience.

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