Over half a million people die every year because of seasonal influenza. The solution is vaccination.

However, producing enough doses of vaccine can be challenging. Influenza vaccines are grown in eggs and up to two eggs are required to produce one single dose of vaccine. Our solution is a premium high-yield egg that increases vaccine growth tenfold. This will increase profitability for vaccine companies by improving production efficiency across the supply chain, which means more vaccine in less time.

Vaximiser will enhance the capacity to respond to disease outbreaks and help to protect the world from the next pandemic.



Andrew Bean, Luis Malaver-Ortega, Lyndon Judd.

Andy Bean: Over 25 years in immunology and vaccine development.

Tim Doran: World leader in poultry genetics  to improve health and welfare.

Luis Malaver-Ortega : Molecular & cellular biologist with 10 years experience in the field.

Lyndon Judd : Over 15 years in business development and tech transfer.

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