Every year, Australia loses billions of dollars due to infrastructure failures, spends billions of dollars on inspecting its aging assets and loses some of its bravest men and women who take the risk to do this dangerous job.

Utility companies and governments are turning to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to reduce costs and improve safety. However, current UAVs are ‘dumb and blind’ so require expert pilots and can’t fly in many places. Our solution is an intelligent UAV with advanced collision avoidance, non-GPS flight and accurate 3D mapping capabilities – all tailored to suit industrial inspection requirements.

Hovermap is the ultimate inspection tool of the future that can be used to safely and efficiently inspect hard-to-reach assets and collect extremely high fidelity data in previously unreachable places. It is suitable for inspecting telecommunication towers, bridges, power line assets and smoke stacks. This innovative technology will reduce risks, improve safety and efficiency and lower costs, all of which benefit customers and businesses.

Hovermap team picture

Dr Farid Kendoul and Dr Stefan Hrabar.


Stefan Hrabar : Principal research scientist with over 14 years of experience in UAV autonomy including collision avoidance and path planning.

Farid Kendoul : Senior research scientist with over 12 years experience in developing and evaluating autonomy technologies for UAVs.

Christian Richter : Product and project manager with rich experience in IT industry, innovation and business and tech transfer.

Lisa Devereaux : Business development manager with strong experience across broad based research, development and commercial environments.

Mike Zimmerman : Entrepreneur, CEO and investor/ board member with wide range of experience building technology companies.

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