Imagine you are in excruciating pain, but you can't tell anyone. This is the reality for millions of non-communicative people world-wide, such as those with moderate to severe dementia. ePAT's point of care apps utilise facial recognition technology to detect facial micro-expressions which are indicative of pain, to provide these people with a voice

ePat team - Mr Rohan McDougall and Prof. Jeff Hughes

Mr Rohan McDougall and Prof. Jeff Hughes from Curtin University.


Professor Jeff Hughes -  Former Head of School, Curtin University and CEO, ePAT.

Mr Rohan McDougall - Director, IP Commercialisation, Curtin University and Chairman, ePAT.

Mr Roger Plumb - Business Development Manager, Curtin University.

Mr Mustafa Atee - ePAT Inventor/Founder, Clinical, Community and Academic Pharmacist.

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