Modular Photonics uses a novel integrated photonic chip to enhance the data rate across existing multimode fibre links by 10x and more. The technology

enables multiple data channels in parallel without the length restrictions imposed by conventional multimode fibre links.


Mr Derek Van Dyk, Dr Simon Gross and Ms Anna Grocholsky from Macquarie University.  ©karl schwerdtfeger photographer holds copyright over all images

Professor Michael Withford – Node Director of Australian National Fabrication Facility, Optofab and ARC Centre of Excellence, Macquarie University.

Dr Simon Gross – ARC DECRA fellow, Macquarie University.

Dr Nicolas Riesen – Post-doctoral researcher, University of Adelaide.

Ms Anna Grocholsky – Director, Commercialisation and Innovation, Macquarie University.

Dr Derek Van Dyk – Director, Strategic Research Partnerships and Pre-Award, Macquarie University.

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