The way we work is changing.

We need tools to enable those changes.Traditional video conferencing tools are clunky and do not support experts like coaches, clinicians or lawyers in delivering and charging for their professional services online.

Coviu is the solution. Professionals get a frictionless and easy-to-use solution for setting up online consulting rooms and invite clients to rich interactive
consults. One click and your client is talking to you in their browser – no software installations, no complicated call setup.

Coviu is a groundbreaking new video and data conferencing technology that works peer-to-peer allowing for massive scalability, speed and affordability.

Jeff Wang, Nathan Oehlman, Georgina Ibarra, Silvia Pfeiffer.


Silvia Pfeiffer, CEO: Business lead, software engineer and repeat entrepreneur, formerly at Mozilla and Google.

Jeff Wang, Platforms & Devices: Software engineer and business development in China, formerly at Dolby Labs and Samsung.

Nathan Oehlman, Full Stack: Software engineer with special knowledge in WebRTC.

Georgina Ibarra, UX Lead: User experience and interface design, formerly at ABC.

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