Each year around 54,000 Australians experience a heart attack. About 60 per cent survive and are recommended to complete cardiac rehabilitation (CR) to reduce the risk of a second heart attack.

Cardihab provides convenient CR from wherever you are, using an evidence based, clinically validated solution of a patient smartphone app that shares patient information with a secure clinician web portal.


Simon McBride, Marlien Varnfield, Leonore Ryan and Satu Marjomaa.

Simon McBride: 20+ years software industry, 10+ years eHealth research, start-up experience, MBA.

Leonore Ryan: 15+ years technology commercialisation, including spin outs, IP licensing and equity transactions, MBA.

Marlien Varnfield : Lead scientist MoTER-CR, 7+ eHealth research, PhD.

Satu Marjomaa: Experience in mHealth business models, information management, product development and networking.

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