It is very difficult for households to improve their energy efficiency and transition to a sustainable future as current solutions are boring, costly and confusing.

elumin8 solves this problem by providing tailored energy information via a unique communication channel, allowing homeowners to directly engage with their home in a human and personable way.

elumin8 guides the household step by step along the journey to energy independence by improving energy efficiency and taking the risk and confusion out of installing solar and batteries. Advanced analytics are utilised to understand the behaviour and needs of the household in order to offer the whole family education around energy and reward them for making sustainable choices.


elumin8 team - Lloyd Niccol, Tim Binnion, Kate Cavanagh, Jiaming Li.

Lloyd Niccol, Tim Binnion, Kate Cavanagh, Jiaming Li.

Kate Cavanagh: Research manager in renewable energy grid integration in Australia and energy efficiency.

Jiaming Li: Senior research scientist at CSIRO Data61 with experience in machine learning, image processing, pattern recognition and multi-agent system design.

Lloyd Niccol: Mechanical engineer with experience in residential energy efficiency and development of building integrated photovoltaics and building products.

Tim Binnion: Product design engineer with experience across a variety of industries in both Australia and China.

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