So, who can apply for ON?

The ON acceleration programs are open to employees of Australia's publicly funded research agencies (PFRA), including CSIRO and Australian universities.

The program is designed for researchers and their collaborators - participating teams may be comprised of Commercialisation Managers, IP Managers, PhD candidates and undergraduate students. The only requirement is that each participating team must include at least one employee from an eligible PFRA.

Check to see which ON program your project idea is best suited to:

Investment Readiness Level graphic

This infographic provides a check list for ON Prime and ON Accelerate to help you determine which ON program your project idea is best suited for.

ON Prime covers:

  1. Problem hypothesis that needs market validation
  2. Detailed mapping of your market size, industry value chain and competitors
  3. Value proposition tested and validated through customer interviews (problem/solution fit)
  4. Early prototype of your product; i.e. tangible representation

ON Accelerate covers:

  1. Validate product/market fit
  2. Map flow of money across the value chain, including IP strategy
  3. Deploy and validate (e.g. industrial scale trail)
  4. Validate value delivery: scaling processes, partnership mapping, key resources and milestones
  5. Varies depending on domain and commercial model. Identify and validate future business/implementation plan

Further eligibility criteria will be applied to your case depending on the Investment Readiness Level of your work.

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